Islamic Jewelry Trends Demystified

Trends for Islamic Jewelry have been on an all time rise for a few years now in a number of Muslim countries. During a recent visit to Dubai, I noticed an evident increase in the number of shops displaying gold and silver jewelry with beautiful Islamic designs and inscriptions. There was a gorgeous array of intricately designed pieces dusted with diamonds and a number of other precious gemstones including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanite, amethysts and many more. Also available in large varieties were fashion Islamic Jewelry objects at very reasonable and affordable prices.

Some pieces offered a cluster of gems embedded in gold to accentuate some calligraphically written names or sayings from the Holy Quran such as “Ayat-ul-Kursi” and the four “Qul”. Others offered a single stone highlighted in a delicate framework setting with a mosque or other Islamic icons engraved in it. Some designer Islamic Jewelry was also available, lending style and uniqueness to those exquisite pieces at high prices for the wealthy and affluent.

The most popular item of Islamic Jewelry that was available at almost all stores, whether high end or low end, were variations of “Allah” pendants. These pendants came in all different sizes, shapes and metals. These dazzling pendants were the center of attention at all Islamic Jewelry stores, as they show devotion to the Supreme Being. These pendants are also considered to be a very prestigious form of gift, as it represents and signifies the blessing of Allah SWT upon the receiver. These “Allah” pendants can add decency and beauty to any type of outfit, regardless of the occasion it is worn at.

Another form of Islamic Jewelry that has gained popularity are the pieces with the hologram of the Kaaba. These holograms are available in pendants, bracelets, rings and watches, and are highly demanded in particular by the tourists of the area. These articles are very nicely crafted with a hologram of the Kaaba normally rotating inside them thus providing the owner with the privilege of looking at it and feeling closer to Allah SWT. These are considered a popular gift item to take back to various countries, as it is a specialty available mostly in the Middle Eastern countries. These are mostly available in fashion jewelry stores or at street vendor stands at quite inexpensive prices, which is another reason that they are highly common among vacationers.

As Islamic Jewelry has gained fame in the Middle East, it has also easier to find it online now. A number of Islamic store websites also offer a large range of fashion Islamic Jewelry and one of them is Islamic Impressions. Islamic Impressions offers a range of high-quality jewelry for their customers all over the world. In addition, designers have started creating websites for their “one-of-a-kind” pieces. Most customers prefer to buy diamond or jewel encrusted items from these designers at extravagant prices for their individuality and exclusivity. The socialites of Dubai are seen sporting these rare and distinct jewelry items at all the big events.

Wholesale Jewelry Business – How to Stay Persistent in a Wholesale Jewelry Business

In the jewelry business, the primary goal is to offer unique jewelry designs that are either one of a kind or are limited editions. Nothing is mass produced, the designs are produced with such a mixture that two items are seldom identical. If you are ready to place your wholesale beaded jewelry in order, there are important issues to consider, one of them is the cash flow. When starting out in a handmade jewelry business, pricing is very important. Comes next will be the profit, what you need to have is a good marketing arm, Creating marketing strategies to attract customer, like craft shows, it provides an excellent opportunity to increase income. Whatever you make can be put back into the business to make more supply and perhaps increased sales.

The next big thing you have to consider in doing the wholesale jewelry business is that you always have to listen to your customers, they know what they like. When you produce designs, you will have more success if you make products of what your customers are looking for. And develop a bond, a relationship with your customers. Time and again they will visit a show just to see you and your new handcrafted artisan jewelry, and probably make a wholesale purchase.

When in a craft show, people who visit and watch are looking for something that impresses them. Also people would like to meet the jewelry artist. You have to make sure that you are friendly and open to your customers, and make them feel happy when they purchase you jewelry products. Important line to consider, A happy customer is a repeat customer! You have to make sure that orders go out complete and on time. Deal with questions and comment with a smile.

When you become tired of your frantic work schedule, you must be traveling to the next step that is to decide whether you prefer a retail store or a wholesale business.

The wholesale jewelry business is a very competitive market. To stay persistent ahead of the competition you have to have focal point on bright new products and ideas. You have to create your own forte, something you made special that no one else has thought of. This can be harder than you thought; your competition is also working hard toward that ”million dollar idea”. You have to be observant and experiment with different techniques and ideas. Continuing with what works and revising what didn’t.